Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

April 2019

Now at the Loon Lake Food Bank…

  • We are holding  a “Yard Sale” in May 30th thru June 2nd.   Hours open will be from 8 am to 4 pm.  We are accepting small sized donations if you are wanting to donate them to our sale.  We do not have storage for big items.
  • We  would like to give a big “THANK YOU” to the Home-link group who held a food drive for the Loon Lake Food Bank.  It is very much appreciated.

Tracy Tobeck and her class “Charity Never fails” located at Deer Park Home Link, called to ask her if they could do a food drive, and donate the food to our Loon Lake food bank. Of course, we said YES!   Tracy asked if there were specific foods they could be thinking of asking for. I said that the young people could think about the kinds of food they would like to have and that’s the kind of food the clients could take home to their family, which many probably have teens. After the month-long food drive Tracy called and we made plans to have the kids bring the food on March 26th and weight the food in. That’s exactly what happened, these beautiful, energetic, young ladies came with two vehicles full of food. They gathered everything from yummy cereals, mac and cheese, canned spaghetti, & meet balls, and so much more. We spent the first half an hour weighing in food, which they did the actual weight in, and recorded the weights “447 lb.” was the grand total. Way to go girls. And a huge thank you to all that were able to donate to them. Then we toured the food bank. And I must say, I was surprised at the reaction they had concerning all the food. They had no idea it took so much food, to feed the family’s that need it. We were able to give them information about 2nd harvest and NW Harvest, and other places we get food from the feed our community. (we go out five days a week to do groceries rescue). They were also able to tour our cooler and freezer, and warehouse. I do believe we were able to educate them as to how we do what we can to help our community. And Maybe we will have some volunteers from this experience.We would just like to give a huge thank you to Tracy, Bettie, Zoe, Myranda, Mya, and Rebecca. You were an inspiration to me, and would love to have you work with us anytime.

* If anyone has some time to spare, we are looking for a truck driver (CDL is not needed) and a rider to help the driver load the food in the truck. Please come talk to me (Liz Bauer), if you would like more information on opportunities to help out at the food bank.

* We are holding a yard sale May 30th thru June 2nd. The hours are from 8am to 4pm every day. We are accepting smaller donations; however, we are unable to store large items anymore.

* So far this month we have been busy trying to clean up the food bank. We like everyone else have lots of mud and potholes. So please be patient and careful when visiting the food bank. We did get a delivery of gravel and that has helped.

* We have been seeing a rise in the clients we are serving. As the weather become nicer, folks are able to get out and pick up needed food. We work hard to get everyone through in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience.

* Just a reminder to everyone, our volunteers are doing their best to keep the food bank running. It is a big job and most of them start at 5 am. It is a huge job and we are very grateful for all of them. Our truck drivers and riders do the grocery rescue five days a week. This is where the food comes from as well as from 2nd Harvest and NW Harvest. I would also like to mention we receive help from Rural Resources and are very appreciative of their services. Thank you to the Hunger Coalition for your help.

* These are all the fine folks, volunteers, who give of their time, help make it possible for everything we do for you and your community. Remember a “Thank You” goes a long way to make their day.

Liz Bauer
Operations Manager
Phone:  (509)233-8450

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