Our Appreciation Page

Our Appreciation Page

Volunteers Bring Great Results

By Lorraine Morgan Scott

December 21st, 2017,   was a cold, clear morning.  It started at 6:30 am and more than 30 volunteers started gathering at the Loon Lake Food Bank to get everything ready for the anticipated 650 clients that would soon arrive.

Some volunteers prepared and packed boxes, while others arranged bread, meat, and fresh vegetables. Some volunteers handled all the administrative necessities, and others moved supplies by forklift to where they could best be utilized. The operation was well organized and everyone was in great spirits!

When the clients arrived, they were pleasantly surprised to find there was hardly any wait, if any. It was a testament to the old adage, “many hands make light work.”

The mission of the Loon Lake Food Bank is to provide food for the hungry, and while there’s hope that there soon is no longer a need for such an organization,  until then – having so many volunteers contribute to the good of the community – is a wonderful thing.


Thank you to our partners!